Celebrate Beijing Unionluck Biological Technology CO., LTD 20th anniversary (activity plan)


Activities planned:

I. ACTIVITIES Background Founded 20 anniversary celebration

II. Objectives

1, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company.

2, showing the company "innovation, cooperation, quality, pragmatic" spirit of enterprise.

3, through the company's 20-year development process of review, so that employees understand how the company from small to large, step by step to grow up, reflecting the business flourished vitality; by the company over the years made various achievements in refining firm employees rely on stable development of enterprises and common progress of the faith; by the company's performance in achieving the work process, the hard work paid employee recognition, thanks to the tireless efforts of all staff of enterprises made today's brilliant.

4, to promote the company brand culture, strengthen the company and the agents, partnerships.


Third, activities

1, the company's internal activities and partner activities

1) cut the ribbon, speaking leaders, recalling history

2) Dinner (or lunch)

3) excellent staff, excellent selection and other partners

4) agents back (return kits, preferential procurement policies)

5) Other. . . . . .

2. Social campaign

1) New sieve: for the year to make a new sieve baby (now 10-20 years old) make health examination. (Pictures production)

2) MPO: do physical activities such as a nursing home for the elderly warmth.

3) Social Training: free seminars to invite experts (similar Yangshengtang, personnel from the network platform or MPO testing personnel selection, etc.).

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