R&D Center

UNIONLUCK always takes the technological innovation as the important strategy of the enterprise development,to promote the transformation of sophisticated biological techniques to clinical medicine.

As a new type of biological agents in the field of High-tech Enterprises

the company has a vibrant, high-quality, younger, professional team, is the company's core technical force, and for the company's vigorous development to provide continuous vitality and momentum.

Research and development personnel

The core technical personnel are bioengineering, biochemistry, basic medicine and other professional graduates, with a wealth of biological theory knowledge, and has many years of protein purification and immune diagnostic reagents research and development experience.

The decisive role

the research and development of UNIONLUCK has played a decisive role in the vitality of Unionluck. The research and development team of the Unionluck is impressive, whether from academic qualification to experience, or their enthusiasm and positive state to the industry.

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