Transformation Center


As an innovative biological technology into the field of high-tech enterprises, the company has a vibrant, high-quality, young and professional team, is the core technology of power company, and for the vigorous development of the company provide the vitality and dynamism of the everfount.

Research and Development Center

The ratio of Master degree or above in Core technicianis 75%, they come from Beijing University, Tsinghua University and Capital Medical University, research onbiological engineering, biochemistry, basic medicine, medical laboratory , and has many years of protein purification and immune diagnostic reagents research and development experience; In addition, Unionluck also bringtogether a group of experts with a wealth of industry experience in cardio-cerebrovascular. 

As a High-tech enterprise in the field of innovative biological agents, the research and development of Concord has played a decisive role in the vitality of Unionluck. The research and development team of the Unionluck is impressive, whether from academic qualification to experience, or their enthusiasm and positive state to the industry.

Production Center

To be the brand enterprise of biological area in “2025 Made In China”.

Biological medicine water Preparation system follows the modular design concept, implements the advanced technology, exquisite technology and strict quality control to each functional unit in the process of design, manufacture and commissioning , so that the production of water to fully meet or exceed the water quality standards for injecting water.


The construction and investment of quality manage-ment system is the lifeblood of the company's future de-velopment.

After more than 20 years of development, Unionluck set up a sound quality management system, equipped with the domestic first-class automated production equipment and purification of water treatment equipment, the international leading brand automatic biochemical analyzer, to ensure product quality accurate and reliable.The pursuit of perfect quality is the Locke's belief.

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